Recieve 50% Discount helping us

05 сентября 2014 13:15
You may translate English template to language you professionaly speek.
Please translate and send it to this email: dpz @ 
First translaters or who translate our draft language templates will recieve 50% discount buying 24OK Webshop shopping software!
NOTE: Already 100% translated: Russian, Deutch, English languages.
Please translate only words right from '=>' signs!
Translation Exampe:
'buy'=>"Add to Shopping Cart", you need to translate like:
'buy'=>"Adden un Varenkorob",

'mainsite'=>"Home Page",
'prebuy'=>"No sales",
'buy'=>"Add to Shopping Cart",
'root_directory'=>"Root Directory",
'back_to_higher_level'=>"return to higher level",
'sort_by'=>"Sort by",
'addition'=>"more info",
'click'=>"Click here for additional Info",
'no_foto'=>"No photo",
'no_description'=>"No description",
'not_exists'=>"not exists",
'hack'=>"Hack Attempt?

'to_admin'=>"Please contact the administrator.",
'html_tags'=>"HTML tags",
'enter'=>"For registered users",
'login'=>"Your ID",
'file_list'=>"Found Items",
'indexator'=>"Indexing. Please wait!",
'last_index'=>"Date of last indexing:",
'total'=>"Total objects:",
'total_dirs'=>", categories:",
'total_files'=>", items:",
'index_ok'=>"Success indexing.",
'index'=>"Indexing of archive",
'thnk'=>"Thank you visited us again!",
'yourstat'=>"You Status:",
'adm1'=>"Indexing sections",
'adm2'=>"Items Admin",
'adm6'=>"Forum Admin",
'adm9'=>"Main template",
'adm10'=>"Protect /ADMIN directory",
'adm11'=>"Indexing texts for search",
'buyes'=>"You bought:",
'edit_templates'=>"Templates Editor",
'list_templates'=>"List of templates:",
'regtext'=>"Once registered, you can enter the shop under your own ID and password and you do not need to re-fill any forms in the subsequent purchases. Only registered users can receive additional discounts and bonuses.",

2=>"Create Items from their photos",
3=>"Database Backup",
4=>"Custom Menu",
6=>"Directories Pics",
11=>"Site Colors",
12=>"Very Important",
15=>"Clear statistic",
16=>"Stock Indexing",
17=>"Stock Analysis",
18=>"Main Stock",
20=>"Mailing list",
21=>"Links Page",
22=>"Form Editor",
23=>"Generator for linkexchange",
24=>"FTP exchange",
25=>"Setting FTP exchange",
26=>"Run FTP exchange",
27=>"Import from same Base",
28=>"Additional features",
29=>"Delete all items",
30=>"Access Allowed",
31=>"Shopping Cart",
34=>"Total with delivery",
35=>"Shopping Cart",
36=>"Your ID",
37=>"Your ID must contain the permitted characters and have a length of 3-12 characters!",
38=>"Your Password must contain the permitted characters and have a length of 3-12 characters!",
40=>"Shopping Cart is empty",
41=>"Order unavailable",
43=>"Your Order is emailed to Store Manager",
44=>"Error opening file",
45=>"when writing file",
48=>"New customers",

52=>"to save Your Personal Information",
53=>"Your Personal Information",
57=>"Shopping Script License Request",
58=>" successfully sent! If you have legally bought the script please wait a letter from us with a registration code.",

61=>"Nearest subway station",
62=>"If you order something a certain size, then enter here the desired size, you can specify here the desired date and time of delivery and How quickly get to you (from the nearest subway station).",
63=>"How quickly get to you",
65=> "Apartment Number / Office Number",
66=> "Other location",
67=> "Post Index",
68=> "Home number",
69=> "Intercom",
70=> "You have not specified",
71=> "Street",
72=> "City",
73=> "Phone",
74=> "Your name",
75=> "Name",
76=> "Nickname (ID)",
77=> "Customer",
78=> "Free delivery is only available in London",
79=> "Please specify, if not in list",
80=> "I agree with the Terms and conditions of the store (see below) and accept them.",
81=> "Required fields",
82=> "By pressing the button, you will send a request to our manager, who will contact you during our working hours to confirm the order and to determine the date and time of delivery. In addition a copy of the order will be sent to your email.",

83=> "Enter characters specified in the picture",
84=> "Antispam feature",
85=> "Message",
86=> "Forgot your password?",
87=> "To restore the password, enter the email address you specified during registration",
88=> "Restore account password",
89=> "After entering the correct address, the system will alert you whether operation succeeded or not.",
90=> "Send password",
91=> "This e-mail is not registered in the system. Please enter correct e-mail.",
92=> "Password successfully sent to your E-mail
you should receive it within 1-10 minutes
Please check your e-mail and use provided User ID and password to log on.",
93=> "Your search did not produce any results",
94=> "Not Found",

95=>"Color: ",
Material: Natural leather (Italy)",

97=>"Add to Favorites",
98=>"Set as Home Page",
102=>"Choose price",
103=>"Search in this category",
104=>"Page Skip:",
106=>"Printable Version",
107=>"Choose your nickname (ID)",
108=>"Your private account",
109=>"Choose a password",
110=>"Forgot login or password?",
111=>"If you already registered and forgot your ID (nickname) or password you may restore your account by e-mail",
112=>"Re-enter password",
113=>"This Nickname (ID) is already taken. Please Choose another Nickname (ID)",



128=>"Sales settings",
129=>"Clear disk space",
130=>"Search Doubles",
131=>"Indexing TOP10",
132=>"Tag cloud Editor",
133=>"Indexing Tag Cloud",
134=>"Custom Order document",
135=>"Main Settings",
136=>"Graphic Skins",

137=>"Create item copy",
138=>"Additional photos",
139=>"Zoom photo",
140=>"Click on photos to enlarge",
141=>"Items founds by keyword:",

142=>"Order Checkout",
143=>"Current date and time",
144=>"Complex Order Checkout",


145=>"Send Order",
146=>"Did you enter wrong antispam code? Please enter valid code shown in the picture!",
147=>"You must agree with terms and conditions or we will not be able to process your order!",

148=>"Wholesale Price",
149=>"Retail Price",

150=>"You have specified a wrong Email",
151=>""@" sign was not found.",
152=>""@" sign  must be in the middle of the Email address",
153=>""@" sign must be in the middle of the Email address, not at the end.",
154=>"Error Email.",
155=>"You specified unknown domain. You must enter valid post domains:",
156=>"Delivery address:",

159=>"Telephone area code",
160=>"Payment method",
161=>"Delivery method",
162=>"next page",
163=>"previous page",
165=>"Total Price ( including selected Payment&Delivery methods)",

167=>"Your Country",
168=>"You used a forbidden character in",
169=>"Property type",
171=>"Tag cloud",

173=>"In Stock found:",
174=>"in stock:",
175=>"no items",
176=>"You Price:",
177=>"Your comment was already sent, please don't send it twice!",
178=>"Reference links in comments are Forbidden!",
179=>"You don't have permission to create comments!",
180=>"Be the first to review this item!",
181=>"Comments Deleted.",
182=>"Comments Changed.",
183=>"Edit Comment:",
184=>"For Administrators Only",
185=>"Delete all comments",
186=>"Ban IP",
187=>"Play ALL",
188=>"no photo",
189=>"max: 1000 symbols",
190=>"max: 50 symbols",
192=>"Leave your opinion about the product:",
194=>"Same items",
195=>"Search for:",
198=>"Selling Start date:",
199=>"Item counter:",
200=>"Buyers reviews:",
201=>"All items",
202=>"Item not found",

204=>"Viewed from",
208=>"successfully added to Shopping Cart.",
210=>"Error adding product to the Cart!",
212=>"You have last saved basket",
213=>"Product prices, discounts and other parameters could change since your last visit or the product could no longer be available.
You can try adding it to your current basket - current price will be used if the product is available. You can also clear the list and add new products to your shopping cart.",
214=>"View last basket",
216=>"Bust of a greater number of boxes in the amount of:",
219=>"Price shown with discounts",
220=>"You must enter only the following characters:",
221=>"No title",
222=>"is not available, and will not be added to the basket!",
223=>"Perhaps the product or the product's code have been changed.",
224=>"In the box:",
225=>"Increase the number to fill the boxes",
226=>"Reduce to fill boxes",
227=>"Your order contains a fractional number of boxes.
Change your order to fill the whole number of boxes",
228=>"You do not fully edited. Edit order fully to each product name placed to integer number of boxes (see below).",
230=>"Take another",
231=>"or remove",
232=>"or remove the line by pressing the [x]",

234=>"Dear VIP-clients to get our discount card!",
235=>"All prices in the stores converted at a discount. After adding goods into the shopping cart - enter the data for delivery to the form that appears during the ordering process.",
236=>"Our Special Deals:",
237=>"Remove all deals",
238=>"Click here if you are registered but do not remember your account information",
239=>"List of the last 5 orders:",
240=>"Complex order",
242=>"At this moment, one of the employees of your company processing the final step of Complex order.
In this case this Complex Order is temporarily blocked. If you want to complement the already established order, contact the employee to request an order to return to the stage of editing.
Otherwise, you will need to wait and process your order later.",
243=>"Not processed",
245=>"Before the complex order Cart will be cleared.",
246=>"After that - your browser will forward you to processing a Complex order.
If not, click on the",
248=>"Select a section for special deals:",
249=>"All sections",
250=>"Removed deals:",
251=>"The files of the special deals not found!",
252=>"File not found:",
253=>"The contents of the previous, not sended order",
255=>"Add these items to Shopping Cart",
256=>"This content will automatically be cleared if your new purchases",
257=>"Deleting a file:",
258=>"New Special Deals",
259=>"New Products:",
261=>"Enabling Activation",
262=>"Now you can enter a username and password specified in the letter to enter the store.

Then the system will remember you and you will be able to receive bonuses and discounts for the following orders",
263=>"Activation the user has successfully passed!",
264=>"The user has already been activated!
Reactivate impossible.",
265=>"You do not have enough rights to administer the forum.",
266=>"It was a request for password recovery / Site:",
267=>"To enter, use the following information:",
268=>"Do not reply to this message!",
269=>"If you believe that the letter got to you in error, please delete it and contact the site administrator.",
270=>"With best wishes, ",
271=>"The Shopping Cart module is not licensed!",
272=>"You can activate this module by purchasing a license.",
273=>"You've already viewed:",
274=>"Our TOP-10",
275=>"Without a template",
276=>"main Deal",
278=>"Old Price",
279=>"If you change the quantity of goods in the basket - press Recalculate button in the bottom of page to confirm these action!",
280=>"Page timer:",
281=>"Unique code",

282=>"Product List Order",

284=>"News Archive",

286=>"Most Popular Tag",
287=>"Qty of queries",
288=>"You are:",

290=>"Checkout without registering",
291=>"Scheme of subway",
294=>"Price changed since your previous visit.",
295=>"Old price:",
296=>"New price:",
297=>"Product added to the basket with a new price.",

298=>"Password and Confirm password - do not match",
299=>"Error in data entry",
300=>"Prohibited usage of symbols",
301=>"in the field",
303=>"Using more than one character",
304=>" or use of prohibited symbols. You can use letters of the Russian and Latin alphabet.",
305=>"You link to another site, it is forbidden to deal with spam",
306=>"The message is empty or contains a bad word. It will not be sent.",
307=>"You can send us a message:",
308=>"Matches found:",
309=>"Found in the text:",
312=>"The length of words in the query must be more than 2 characters and can contain only Russian and English letters, as well as point and figure!",
313=>"Your basket contain items in other currency than the product which you have tried to buy.
Several currencies operations are not supported - choose the items in one currency.

To buy this product - you must ",
314=>"Clear shopping cart",
315=>"After that operation you can put this item in the shopping cart. You can put the same currency items in shopping cart.",
316=>"Your basket contain items in other currency than items in this section, so it is impossible to calculate the cost of delivery, etc. Please go to the store sectiob where the goods listed in the same currency.",

317=>"Successfully changed!",
318=>"Changes within the template tags",
319=>"can lead to unpredictable results",
320=>"The content of the template",
321=>"Connecting to a database of Internet-shop",

322=>"Restore database",
323=>"Thank you",
324=>"Your message has been sent",
325=>"We will try to resolve your issue.",
326=>"Your order shipped",
327=>"Operator will call you to confirm your order.",
328=>"You have applied for registration.",
329=>"In order to complete registration, you must click on the link",
330=>"Activate now!",
331=>"Once activated, you can come to our shop using the following data",
332=>"Thank you! You have created a new topic on the forum!",
333=>"Thank you! Your response is posted on the forum!",
334=>"You used the forbidden tags in the subject or message!",
335=>"Now you will be redirected to the list of topics.",
336=>"If this does not happen within 2 seconds, you can click on this",

337=>"Registration date",
338=>"Email can not start from the point symbol",
339=>"The point symbol can not follow immediately after the symbol",
340=>"Not enough points symbol after the",
341=>"Email can not end at the point symbol.",
342=>"Please do not delete this email! It might be useful!",
343=>"Thank you for registering",
344=>"You can come to our shop using the following data",
345=>"At the specified E-mail sent with a link, clicking on which you confirm your registration.",
346=>"Application approved.",
347=>"Agreement. Terms and Conditions.",
348=>"You have ordered:",
349=>"Total items:",
350=>"The total number of pieces:",
351=>"Goods received with familiar terms, claims to have no appearance:",
352=>"Also at your E-mail message sent to your order.",
353=>"Unique letter code:",
354=>"Invoice was successfully created",

356=>"Add topic",
357=>"Your name",
358=>"Topic name",
359=>"Add answer",
360=>"Please enter topic name!",
361=>"Please enter your name!",
362=>"Enter you text!",
364=>"Topic description",

367=>"Create topic",
369=>"Topic not created!",
370=>"Your answer added!",
373=>"Topic deleted!",
374=>"Answer deleted!",
375=>"Administrators only:",
376=>"Access granted!",
377=>"User login or password not allowed!",
378=>"Logout success!",

380=>"Members area",
381=>"User with this login already exists!",
'subtotalweight'=>"Subtotal weight",
'totalweight'=>"Total weight",
'volume'=>"Pack volume",
'subtotalvolume'=>"Subtotal pack volume",
'totalvolume'=>"Total pack volume",
'delivery'=>"Payment & delivery",
382=>"Folders editor.",
383=>"Delete file",
384=>"Add file",
385=>"Edit file",
386=>"Hide file",
387=>"Unhide file",
388=>"Hidden file",
389=>"Copy to buffer memory",
391=>"Delete user",
392=>"Enter by this user",
393=>"Not available",
394=>"User will not enter in case of Deleting user info",
395=>"User profile",
396=>"User type",
398=>"Users not found",
399=>"include newbies",
401=>"newbies not in list(users.txt)",
402=>"users registered in custom files (userstat/userlogin.txt)",
403=>"full rights users",
404=>"custom rights users",
405=>"function not worked now",
406=>"wholesale users",
407=>"users with startup rights",
408=>"Only users with status: ADMIN may change user status
409=>"User shopping carts not found",

410=>"Last items",
411=>"24H Online!",
412=>"Avatara Eva Admin",
413=>"Live chat with our electronic consultant Eve (AI)",
414=>"Eve (AI)",
415=>"Not answered questions",
416=>"Eve Talking test",
417=>"Other", //other brands
418=>"Archive", //name of category not viewed in items list
419=>"Item code",
422=>"View ALL",
423=>"Simple View",
424=>"Extended View",
425=>"View As table",
428=>"Close window",
429=>"No way to use mor than 99999 items. Contact author.",
432=>"Copy item successeful",
433=>"Are you sure to copy this item?",
434=>"Item with this ID no found!",
435=>"Edit new item name and item ID if you wish. Also you may change Category and Subcategory. They will be created if not exists. Please do not use abnormal symbols.",
436=>"Last item dont want delete!!!",
437=>"Successefully deleted",
438=>"No way to restore",
439=>"Are you sure to delete this item?",
440=>"Close window and go to Sub Category",
441=>"You will automatically Go to item category (if you edit to new category), if you dont wish to go this category and want to stay just close window by pressing [X] button at top of window",
442=>"Deletting Sub Category",
443=>"Are you sure to delete all goods in this Sub Category?",
444=>"Upload/choosing small pictures from photo gallery",
445=>"Upload/choosing big pictures from photo gallery",
446=>"Clear form of big photos",
447=>"Created new Category",
448=>"Item Cart",
'short'=>"Short description",
'artlink'=>"Article number or site dirtectory (ex. a0001 or ./mp3/dir)",
'kwrds'=>"Sales (ex. 10%), keywords (ex. plasmatv) and options (ex. option1)",

450 => "If you know your order number and E-mail, specified when ordering - this will allow you to find out at what stage the order.",
451 => "Registered users can browse the contents and status of previous orders.",
452 => "If you make an order without registering - you can view only the status of execution of your orders for this in the form, enter the order number and your E-mail (which you specified at registration of the order)",
453 => "Please enter only numbers",
454 => "Order Number",
455 => "Check",
456 => "User information updated.",
457 => "Not a valid order number",
458 => "The results of checking",
459 => "E-mail specified in the order does not coincide with yours. Display the status of the order is not possible for security reasons. Enter E-mail, listed in order to view order status",
460 => "Edit user data",
461 => "Order Not Found",

462=>"Who is the recipient of an order?",
464=>"For registered useres",
465=>"If you remember your login and password, then enter them in the appropriate fields:",
466=>"Continue Checkout",
467=>"For new users",
468=>"You can also place an order without registering. Without registering you will not be able to track the status of their orders and will be deprived of other amenities. Want to place an order without registering?",
469=>"Checkout without registering",
470=>"Check user",
471=>"Choose city...",
472=>"Choose country...",
473=>"Other countries...",
474=>"Other cities...",
475=>"Other station...",
476=>"Pay through:",
479=>"American Express",
481=>"Secure Transaction",


Make a payment only after confirmation from the operator of the shop stock and the capacity to deliver.
If you make a payment without confirmation, and the goods will not be at the moment - refund will be made with the deduction of money transfer cost!

483=>"After verification of the operator of your order, stock and delivery capabilities - to the E-mail will be sent information on the payment of your order in a system",
484=>"You can pay your order now, or within 3 days through the Member Area on our website.",

486=>"Defective product",
488=>"Received (Mail)",
490=>"Out of Stock",
491=>"Not manage",
496=>"Tel costs",
497=>"Mob tel",
504 => "Application",
505 => "Mail",
506 => "Processing",
507 => "Pending Payment",
508 => "All available",
509 => "Posted (Mail)",
510 => "Delivering",
511 => "Exchange",
512 => "Postponed",
513 => "Return",
514 => "Return (almost)",
515 => "Payment for goods",
516 => "",
517 => "",
518 => "",

519 => "Payment of other currencies",
520 => "Pay",
521=>"Bookmarks color",

522 => "This page can be updated",
523 => "Set Autorefresh of this page",
524 => "sec",
525 => "min",
526 => "Save a database of orders",
527 => "Save",
528 => "(used only in urgent cases!)",
529 => "Do not update the page after sending data !!!",
530 => "Cost",
531 => "Sum",
532 => "History",
533 => "Courier / date",
534 => "This Week",
535 => "see above",
536 => "All orders",
537 => "January",
538 => "February",
539 => "March",
540 => "April",
541 => "May",
542 => "June",
543 => "July",
544 => "August",
545 => "September",
546 => "October",
547 => "November",
548 => "December",
549 => "To update the page use this link",
550 => "Do not use the Return button in the browser!",
551 => "Month",
552 => "GRAPH",
553 => "Orders",
554 => "Rejected",
555 => "Delivered",
556 => "INCOME",
558 => "Not processed orders",
559 => "Total delivered",
560 => "Delivered orders this month",
561 => "orders",
562 => "Courier",
563 => "Delivery",
564 => "Prompt for status",
565 => "in the forecast income and expenditure",
566 => "courier received for delivery",
567 => "courier not received for shipment",
568 => "Profit",
569 => "ignored",
570 => "Highlight purple",
571 => ":",
572 => "max qty of orders",
573 => "without the bounce",
574 => "Search client database",
575 => "Delivered",
576 => "We",
577 => "Clients",
578 => "Wholesaler price",
579 => "To the Wholesalers",
580 => "Info",
581 => "Filter",
582 => "Monthly sales statistics",
583 => "Accounting for only success orders",
584 => "Prognosis",
585 => "The forecast of income",
586 => "Prognosis pay the courier",
587 => "Total income",
588 => "Did not match any order",
589 => "The new status of your order",
590 => "Date changes status",
591 => "Submitted by the courier",
592 => "There is no need to send data again!",
593 => "has already been assigned",
594 => "After 5 seconds you will be redirected to a list of orders.

Please wait",
595 => "Cost of delivery",
596 => "from",
597 => "to",
598 => "Order transfered to new date",
599 => "code",
600 => "Closing weeks below",
601 => "Error copying file",
602 => "Backup OK",
604 => "Week closed.

Wait 3 seconds. You will be redirected to a list of orders",
605 => "change the expenditures",
606 => "change the purchase",
607 => "change the postal number",
608 => "You can monitor your postage on the link",
609 => "Your package",
610 => "Number of designated postal",
611 => "INPUT DATA ERROR. Incorrect destination date.",
612 => "Change Postal Number",
613 => "WEEK Closed",
614 => "Close the Week",
615 => "Are you sure? You can not modify data in closed weeks. Rollback is not possible!",
616 => "History of expenditures",
617 => "Add expenditures",
618 => "Problem People",
619 => "Week",
620 => "Ticket",

621 => "not available",
622 => "single item",
623 => "very little",
624 => "in limited quantities",
625 => "available",
626 => "a lot of items",
627 => "Affiliate Program",
628 => "Please read the following partnership agreement",
629 => "If you agree with these terms, you can register as a partner",
630 => "Choose a partner of any identifier, such as the name of the site, which will be set up partnerships codes. Permitted to use only numbers, letters of the Latin alphabet, an underscore, hyphen and dot. Example:",
631 => "If it is allowed by the administrator of the site - all partners will be automatically sent orders for the E-mail",
632 => "Write a short description of your site, and also specify here whether the implementation of any HTML or PHP-code when you send an order partnerships. Please do not write the HTML code here.",
633 => "This Partner ID is already exists, please specify another ID!",
634 => "Now you can participate in our affiliate program.",
635 => "You can install our advertising banners and links to your site with the following URL:",
636 => "In this case, all orders received from your website by this link will be taken into your account. Also, these orders will be automatically sent to your e-mail, if allowed by site administrator",
637 => "If you want to set the HTML or PHP-code, which will automatically register this order in the other partner systems on our site - you will contact the administrator of our site. In such a case - you send the code to verify its safety. Then - it will be installed. ",
638 => "To read our partnership agreement, please click the following link:",
639 => "Partnership Agreement",
640 => "You can also install the Java-window to you site with products from our catalogue.",
641 => "To do this you need to insert the following HTML-code into your pages:",
642 => "You can see the entire product from our catalogue or only certain sections. Please contact the administrator of this site to learn how to do it.",
643 => "If you have any questions, please contact the E-mail:",
644 => "This information and contact the administrator sent to your specified E-mail",
645 => "Contact Email:",
646 => "Your error:",
647 => "You have changed the basic parameters:",
648 => "Value",
649 => "Not a closed-quote. Edit the value!",
650 => "String.",
651 => "Number.",
652 => "A new link",
653 => "Keyword",
654 => "Adding a new link in the menu",
655 => "Replacement",
656 => "Appointment",
657 => "Replaced",
658 => "You have made the replacement! Required reindex base.",
659 => "The global replacement in the database",
660 => "In your own risk!",
661 => "We recommend to do:",
662 => "Replace",
663 => "Replace",
664 => "Choose section",
665 => "Small Images",
666 => "More Images",
667 => "Brand",
668 => "Link to the article",
669 => "Full description",
670 => "Quantity Available",
671 => "Everywhere",
672 => "Renaming sections / subsections",
673 => "Rename",
674 => "Edit and press OK",
675 => "List of product catalogs",
676 => "Specify the discount without the percentage sign",
677 => "Selected color code",
678 => "View bookmarks",
679 => "HEX color code",
680 => "Duplicate Products not found!",
681 => "The average buyer rating",
682 => "View comments",
683 => "Your Vote",
684 => "Please Rate this product on a 5-point system",
685 => "rank",

686 => "Numbers indicate the order of sections and subsections",
687 => "Order",
688 => "Must specify a URL banners on partner sites to account for transitions",
689 => "Not specified E-mail (use a 0-9a-zA-Z.-_) or the name of the partner (use 0-9a-zA-Z-_)",
690 => "Adding a new partner",
691 => "Example",
692 => "Use only latin letters, digits, period, hyphen and underscore underwear",
693 => "This code will be displayed after completing your order, it may be JAVA script, recording the order in another affiliate system. If you just want to send the order to partner E-mail - leave this field blank.",
694 => "Template usage",
695 => "URL of your site",
696 => "Order Number",
697 => "Price without delivery,",
698 => "Currency of the customer",
699 => "E-mail client",
700 => "Customer Name",
701 => "Phone number of the customer",
702 => "This partner`s E-mail will receive a copy of the partnership ordering if it is not required - leave it blank",
703 => "New Partner",
704 => "The changes is OK!",
705 => "Body Background Color",
706 => "Background of the item list",
707 => "Basket bookmark color",
708 => "Dark color",
709 => "Shining color",
710 => "Body Text color",
711 => "Color of shadows",
712 => "Color header 1",
713 => "Color header 2",
714 => "Font color in the header",
715 => "Color line in the header",
716 => "Used colors",
717 => "Current",
718 => "Theme Title ",
719 => "Apply Color",
720 => "Delete theme",
721 => "Save theme",
722 => "Selected Color",
723 => "Save theme",
724 => "Click to apply",
725 => "Save as a new theme",
726 => "Select a cell and then click on the desired color.",
727 => "Directory successfully protected with a password!",
728 => "Content of .htaccess",
729 => "Content of .htpasswd",
730 => "Please enter your username and password",
731=>"See also",
733=>"Other items of this catalogue",
735=>"Special Offer of the day",
736=>"Price visible after registration and admin verify",
737=>"Users has special price",
740=>"Supported file types",
741=>"Choose file",
743=>"Success upload to directory",
745=>"Do you really want to delete the folder and all its contents?",
746 => "Are you sure you want to delete the file?",
747 => "Failed to remove",
748 => "Error creating folder",
749 => "New Folder",
750 => "Folder with that name already exists. Specify another folder name.",
751 => "File with that name already exists. Specify a different file name.",

752 => "Quick Order",
753 => "Just enter your name, phone number and desired time of delivery - our operator will call you and ask you wished time of delivery of selected items:",
754 => "Phone number (with area code)",
755 => "Delivery date",
756 => "Only in OUR city!",
757 => "Specify custom delivery date and time",
758 => "You can close this window.",
760 => "Product ID not specified, or PRODUCT NOT FOUND!",
761 => "ERROR! You DO NOT choose any product!",
762 => "ERROR: This Product not found!",
763 => "You have already sent this request to call back",
764 => "Please do not repeat your request again! Our operator will call you.",
765 => "Tomorrow",
766 => "12:00-16:00",
767 => "16:00-19:00",
779 => "12:00-19:00",
768 => "Quick Order
of this product",
769 => "For example: +7 (499) XXX-XXXX, +7-903-XXX-XXXX",
770 => "Nearest delivery date:",
771 => "Mon",
772 => "Tue",
773 => "Wed",
774 => "Thu",
775 => "Fri",
776 => "Sat",
777 => "Sun",

783=>"Click on the desired picture to insert",
785=>"Please do not remove any images from the gallery in case of using on the site!",
786=>"Images per page",
787=>"Increase the input field",
788=>"Reduce the input field",

789 => "Avatara Base (./ was not found.",
790 => "Create a new blank database ...",
791 => "Folder with the database exists.",
792 => "Your actions:",
793 => "Extract base",
794 => "Extract files with replace",
795 => "Compress an existing database to archive",
796 => "Question",
797 => "Set",
798 => "Redirect to site",
799 => "List of unanswered questions (past 100)",
800 => "This issue has already been asked, but Eve is not able to accurately answer it. Try to ask another question or ask a question later, when the operator will teach Eve, how to answer that question.",
801 => "Eve can not exactly answer your question. Try to ask another question or ask a question later, when the operator will teach Eve, how to answer that question.",
802 => "Eva (thought a little)",
803 => "You did not answer",
804 => "Answer yet. Try to answer by yourself.",
805 => "Reply",
806 => "Post Reply",
807 => "The exact answer exists! If you want to correct - you can change it.",
808 => "Tag",
809 => "Number of requests",
810 => "Link",
811 => "Not displayed",
812 => "Do not display the tag",
813 => "If you want to tag in the future did not appear in a cloud of tags - put in his number of queries value of NA and then click here",
814 => "The most popular tag",
815 => "Add new tag",
816 => "Create",

817=>"Office hours",
819=>"On weekends and public holidays delivery is made only by agreement with manager.",
820=>"Orders executed over the weekend and holidays are processed the next working day.",
821=>"office is open",
822=>"office is not working",
823=>"office is already closed at",
824=>"office opens at",

825 => "You have provided an incorrect answer to the question. Please try again.",
826 => "Answer the question",
827 => "The installation number",
828 => "License number",
829 => "The license number is accepted. Thank you for purchasing our product.",
830 => "Without a license number, you can use all the features of the engine, except the shop-module.",
831 => "To activate the module, please call us",
832 => "Software Version",
833 => "You are using the latest version",
834 => "New version available",
835 => "ChangeLog",
836 => "You can free upgrade to a newer version by yourself (in this case you have no warranty) or use a paid service to update your engine to the new version. To get a new version - please call us " ,
837 => "Remember that using of our software ILLEGALLY - acquired by cracking can lead to the loss of your data, the inclusion of viruses by hackers and other malicious code, which you'll be not able to control, infection of your customers and prosecution. We are responsible for stolen software software. Buying legally - you contribute to its further development and you have the right to an independent free upgrade to the latest version corrects errors that have arisen due to our fault during the entire period of use, free installation on your hosting is suitable for the parameters of the reasonable support , advice by e-mail or phone during working hours and days, and other possible assistance by phone ",
838 => "License server answer",
839 => "Please do not send the installation code and a list of licensed code into the wrong hands!",
840 => "This domain is found in database licenses, you can see which licenses have been generated for this domain and can use one of them (usually the latest). If the license is not suitable, please use request a license in admin menu.",
841 => "This domain is not found in database licenses. You have 30 day evaluation license. You can buy FULL license to use the site, store, WITHOUT LIMITATION, as our favorite customer.",
842 => "No license found",
843 => "Expires",
844 => "Unlimited",
845 => "Evaluation Expired",
846 => "Evaluation version",
847 => "No connection to the registration server",
848 => "Not available",
849 => "Due to lack of communication with the server registration, license reset. Please connect to the Internet and get a license again.",
850 => "You have left",
851 => "days of legal use",
852=>"Reload license. Done.",
853=>"Photo watermark",
854=>"Random photo renamer",
856=>"Font color",
857=>"Stroke text",
858=>"Photos without watermark only",
859=>"Process ALL photos",

863=>"Tags or synonyms. Please specify a comma-separated, ex. tag1,tag2,tag3",
865=>"Create small thumbnails from big photos",
866=>"Thumbnail max size",
868=>"Brands admin",
869=>"Recalculate prices",
870=>"RSS indexing",
871=>"Invoice template",
873=>"DB Export",
874=>"DB Import",
875=>"Create new item",
876=>"Warning! Do not create items with the same name and item code!",
877=>"Create new item in this category",
878=>"Create category description",
879=>"Categories and subcategories will be created automatically after indexing sections.",
880=>"Brands list will be created automatically after indexing sections. Please fill Brand in item cart.",
881=>"To see brand in brands list on the main page, please check box the brand, fill all brand info, then press Change button.",
883=>"Link Url",
884=>"To edit used languages, values and other parameters click on button below",
885=>"To set up payment methods and delivery systems, the names of couriers and current language pack, click on button below",
887=>"Showcase viewing option",
888=>"Please go back to see result after changing this option.",
889=>"Disable module",
890=>"Enable module",
891=>"RSS chanels",
892=>"RSS chanels and parser template you can edit here",
893=>" -> $rssurl",
894=>"module disabled",
896=>"Random items with sale",
901=>"Add news",
902=>"Default language",
903=>"Default currency",
904=>"Default price round",
906=>"Not installed",
907=>"List of available language packs",
909=>"My diary",
910=>"Last comment",
911=>"Comment deleted",
912=>"Send comment",
913=>"Imploded view",
914=>"Exploded view",
915=>"New topic",
916=>"Create new topic",
918=>"Place this tag before cutted text",
919=>"Read more",
920=>"No comments",
925=>"Insert image from other site (URL)",
926=>"Image URL (SRC)",
927=>"Insert Code",
929=>"HTML tags",
935=>"Align right",
936=>"Align left",
936=>"Center text",
937=>"Insert link",
938=>"Upload / Insert image from photogallery",
939=>"Please authorize using accounts",
942=>"Add to classifieds",
943=>"You do not have permissions to add classifields to this directory!",
944=>"You have not specify required form fields!",
945=>"No session data. Something wrong. Contact administrator!",
946=>"You will automatically redirect to you post. If not please click on",
947=>"this link",
948=>"Post not found. Maybe it was deleted or out of date.",
949=>"Posting Title",
950=>"Posting Description",
952=>"Directory not found!",
953=>"Read only classifieds!",
955=>"Post to classifieds",
956=>"Post to THIS classifieds",
957=>"Please choose category",
958=>"Picture available",
959=>"Organize directories",
960=>"Enable write to this directory",
961=>"Disable write to this directory",
962=>"Write disable",
963=>"Write enable",
964=>"Transport company",
965=>"Contact person",
966=>"Company name",
967=>"Get by myself",
968=>"Turn ON administration functions",
969=>"Turn OFF administration functions",
970=>"Total votes",
972=>"Thank you for voting!",
973=>"You vote for",
974=>"Vote for this",
976=>"You are already voting",
977=>"Voting closed",
978=>"Voting is only for registered users!",
979=>"Error! oting not exists!",
980=>"Hack attempt!",
981=>"Not exists voting!",
982=>"Changes will be applied after indexation",
983=>"Changes are applied immediately",

Activation of your user account. Please wait 3 sec...

If this does not happen automatically within 3 seconds, click on the link below:

986=>"Download file",
987=>"Upload files",
990=>"Close poll",
991=>"Open poll",
992=>"Undo URL",
993=>"If you kill any template or see any errors - DON`T PANIC! All changes may be reverted! In case of EMERGENCY or site failure (not working or blank screen) please use link above to undo changes. Please Bookmark this link!",
995=>"User Agreement",
996=>"Privacy Policy",

997=>"Please share this if you like it.",

999=>"Forum List",
1000=>"Last activity",
1001=>"Topics / Answers",
1002=>"Back to Forum List",
1003=>"Forum List Editor",
1004=>"Directories will be created automatically after entering forum",
1006=>"Min: [num] [pcs]",
1007=>"Engine Mode",
'root_directory'=>"Root directory",
'back_to_higher_level'=>"back on higher level",
'sort_by'=>"Sort by:",
'download_from_ftp'=>"Download from FTP",
'download_from_http'=>"Download from HTTP",
'open_dir'=>"Open directory",
'from_ftp'=>"from FTP",
'your_ip'=>"Tour IP",
'granted'=>"Access granted",
'denied'=>"Access denied",
'edit_file_description'=>"Edit file description",
'del_file'=>"Delete file",
'undel_file'=>"Undelete file",
'file_or_dir'=>"File or directory",
'create_new_description'=>"Create new description",
'new_description'=>"New Description",
'success_del'=>"Delete success!",
'success_undel'=>"Undelete success",
'description_file'=>"Description file",
'file_is_invisible'=>"Invisible file",
'no_description'=>"No description",
'not_exists'=>"not exist",
'hack'=>"Hack attempt?

Access Denied!",
'to_admin'=>"Please contact administrator.",
'html_tags'=>"HTML tags",
'error1'=>"Error! File /valid_ip.txt not found.

Contact administrator.",
'error2'=>"Error! Too many signs in description",
'error3'=>"Please return and cut.",
'query'=>"File search",
'file_list'=>"List of founded files",
'indexator'=>"Please wait! Process index database.",
'last_index'=>"Last index:",
'total_dirs'=>", dirs:",
'total_files'=>", files:",
'total_size'=>", total size:",
'index_ok'=>"Indexing success.",
'index'=>"Archive indexing",
"An individual|1||",
"Clearing (extract accounts)|1|+5%||||||",
"Payment via Bank (receipt)|1|+5%|bank.php|||||",
"Cash on delivery (via mail)|0|-150||||||",
"PayPal|1||paypal.php||EUR|paypal|Pay via PayPal|",
"Electronic payment|0||electron.php|||||",
"Webmoney WMR|1||webmoney.php|R771486625113|WMR|wmr||",
"City delivery to you home|1|+5|1|||0|", //courier
"Self get in our office|1||0|||0|",
"Russian Post|1|+500|0||post|100|",
"DHL Worldwide|1|+500|0||post|100|",
" |1|",

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